Skirt With Epic Pockets

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The most comfortable and stylish skirt you will need for every season.A classic A -line skirt made from 100% Organic cotton jersey that is Oeko Tex certified, ensuring its kind to the planet and kind to young skin. Please note that the fabrics change , but the style is timeless! 

In a massive step forward for sensory acceptable clothing, these  can be made entirely with the seams on the outside, and no labels (just leave a note at checkout if you would like this option).

Featuring a large single pocket,  there are a range of fabrics and pocket options available, if you would like an extra pocket just ask!

 Approx waist and length measurements are as follows;

1-2- Waist:  40cm    Length:22cm

2-3- Waist:  45cm    Length: 24cm

3-4- Waist: 50cm  Length: 28cm

5-6- Waist:  55cm     Length: 32cm

7-8-Waist:  60cm     Length: 36cm