Halloween Pocket Harems Age 2-3

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The most comfortable and stylish trouser to get you through to Spring. These super low drop harems are made from 100% Organic cotton jersey that is Oeko Tex certified, ensuring its kind to the planet and kind to young skin.

The fit of these trousers is extremely relaxed and generous, approx waist and outer leg measurements are as follows;

1-2- Waist:  40cm    Leg: 34cm

2-3- Waist:  45cm    Leg: 44cm

3-4- Waist: 50cm  Leg: 54cm

5-6- Waist:  55cm     Leg: 64cm

7-8-Waist:  60cm     Leg: 74cm

Durable and Machine washable at 30 degrees.