• For Ourselves, for the Future, for the Planet…

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New Design for 2024

Project Ocean

This carefully curated collection of unique ocean inspired garments all started with The World needs a Hug, new designs and creatures added each season...collect them all. Items include beautiful hand dyed sweatshirts, dip dyed items in ocean hues, aswell as upcycled pieces of preloved denim. Every piece is screen printed using water based inks, which will fade to perfection and last the lifetime of the garment. Raising awareness for the plight of our oceans and the wildlife within them.

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Upcycled - Ready to Wear

The fast Fashion industry is one of the biggest contributors to our global waste issue, here at Boho I am determined to limit the impact I create, whilst dressing a whole generation of tiny tribe members in timeless and durable clothes. Using earthy tones, earth focused designs, and simple pieces which I wholeheartedly encourage you to pass on. The sustainability section works from a zero waste perspective; this is a unique collection of high quality preloved items that have been handpainted, screen printed, patched and dyed to give them a second chance at life which makes complete Eco-Logical sense. This first started as a denim collection (D.O.P.E denim) was my first enterprise, but I am expanding the principle to all clothing. Ready to wear denim and a full customisation service remain, but this can also apply to any other amazing garments that need reworking.

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Sensory Inclusive Clothing

Seams on the Outside.

In a world where sensory overwhelm is an increasingly common issue for many, there is little movement towards inclusivity in mainstream clothing. Here at Boho out priority is to reduce, reuse and recycle.

I would like to introduce the idea of seams on the outside, as a small business that prints to order, it is entirely possible for me to print garments inside out, this means that all itchy seams are on the outside and labels are removed. Such a simple thing can make such a difference to anyone with sensory issues around clothing, feedback so far has been reassuringly positive.

So every T-shirt across the entire website can be printed this way … just leave me a note at checkout.
All garments are printed using non toxic water based inks… kind to skin and kind to the planet.

Our Iconic super low drop harem shorts and trousers are also handsewn and so for the first time these are available with the seams on the outside too!

Let’s change the world, one seam at a time.

For Ourselves, For our Children, For our Future.

Consideration for the Planet.


We are proud to be partnered with Ecologi, focusing on making a positive impact on our planet. For each order made a tree will be planted… let’s grow a Boho forest.


It is our absolute priority to help protect and preserve our beautiful planet, and make a positive impact where we can.

Currently our processes include using quality garments from suppliers with a transparent and ethical source. Screen printing with non toxic, water based ink and using dyes in our hand dyed garments that are not harmful to the water supply.

There is an ever evolving range of products made from recycled materials, this will continue to grow as more items become available. 

We also use home compostable and recycled packaging, with a zero waste ethos, our swing tags contain care instructions ( not just marketing).

Our processes are constantly under review and every improvemnet that can be made along the way will be implemented.


We are proud to partner with:



We are super happy to have been featured in Timeout Magazine.